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Thursday December 15, 2016

Oregon Courts Scheduled Downtime

The Oregon Judicial Department has issued the following notice, reproduced below, regarding scheduled maintenance that will […]

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Wednesday November 16, 2016

Adding Notes To Your CourtTrax Search

One of the features of the CourtTrax interface our customers find most useful is the ability […]

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Friday November 4, 2016

Developer’s Journal: October’s Updates

The latest release of the CourtTrax (CTX) portal was deployed on October 26th and is now […]

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Friday October 28, 2016

Washington State “Clerk’s Papers”: What They Are

Recently, the King County Electronic Court Records (ECR) system began making available documents known as “Clerk’s […]

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Friday October 14, 2016

CourtTrax New Washington State Reports

NOTICE -Newly Released Odyssey Courts have Incomplete case information for Washington Superior Court case reports.

Complete case information is now available in CourtTrax’s Hybrid Washington Superior Court Case Detail Report.

In March of 2016, the Washington State AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) notified SCOMIS/JISLink (SCOMIS) subscribers that there was “Possible Incomplete JIS Data from Odyssey Courts” being displayed and possible delays uploading Odyssey information into SCOMIS. CourtTrax immediately notified our clients and offered free Odyssey court searching in those affected counties while the AOC/Odyssey sorted out these issues.

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Thursday October 15, 2015

CourtTrax and Clio Enter Into Partnership

CourtTrax integrates the latest court filings with Clio client matters – allowing for automated case and […]

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