CourtTrax Mission

“CourtTrax is the top innovative technology team delivering faster, more accurate and reliable court information solutions. CourtTrax streamlines the court document research and retrieval process to mitigate frustrations at the court level. Our goal is to provide the most user-friendly court document research and retrieval platform for all organizations that leverage court documents in their business practice so organizations can make better business decisions.”

– Nick Ledbetter (Chief Executive Officer)


Founded in 2002, CourtTrax has grown to be one of America’s leading providers of court documents and official records. CourtTrax is headquartered in Issaquah, a growing community adjacent to global technology center in Seattle, Washington.

CourtTrax houses a team with over 150 years in the industry of handling court documents. Several members of the CourtTrax team are directly responsible for creating key document search and retrieval technologies used throughout the court document retrieval industry today. CourtTrax is rich with talent fit with a vast knowledge of the law, and advanced understanding of insurance and underwriting practices for our ever-expanding team at CourtTrax. CourtTrax experienced talent benefits our clients at every level.

Today, CourtTrax covers all Federal courts in all 50 states. CourtTrax currently covers state, county, and municipal courts in 15 states, and is expanding our service area aggressively every day. CourtTrax is planning an aggressive expansion into New York, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania as we have already conquered every jurisdiction in the West Coast and Mountain West regions, along with the Southern border including Texas and Arizona.

Join Our Team

CourtTrax is a diverse and fast-paced workplace driven by our commitment to top-in-class customer service. CourtTrax is always on the lookout for talent who listen and are willing and able to put our clients first. At CourtTrax we are constantly growing and as positions open, we will post them here. Please continue to check this space for career openings that you feel match your professional experience and we look forward to meeting with you!

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