Name Searching & Alerts

  • Conduct due diligence on a potential client or opposing parties’ litigation history
  • Search expert witnesses by name and assess prior experience
  • Search client’s litigation history in preparation for development meetings
  • Set alerts each time an individual or business becomes involved in litigation 
  • Pinpoint prospective clients you would like to learn more about
  • Create ‘Name Alert’ notifications when a prospective client has been sued using the CourtTrax Court Case Detail Report portal

Case Number Searching & Alerts

  • Search the docket in State and Federal Court cases
  • Locate court dockets to get specific information in cases of interest 
  • Find detailed court information on cases similar to yours
  • Receive email notifications each time there is any new activity on any case you are tracking
  • Monitor activity in current cases in which your clients are involved 
  • Use court information collected in the CourtTrax portal as a business development strategy

Court Document Retrieval

  • Order complaints, motions, and other supporting court information using the Court Detail Request Form (Login required to access the form) Court Detail Request Form
  • Retrieve court information on newly filed cases for prospective clients to stay prepared and strengthen client relations
  • Create automated end-to-end court record search process
  • Client scheduled real-time or batch information retrieval