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1. Case 1:18cv02120 Comforte et al v. Cambridge Analytica et al (USDC IL N) Filed 3/22/2018

Civil CLASS ACTION suit with plaintiffs Brendan Michael Carr and Victor James Comforte as well as John and Jane does 1 – 100 suing defendants Cambridge Analytica; Facebook, Inc; Mark Zuckerberg under the ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986). The ECPA provides that any person whose electronic communication is “intercepted, disclosed, or intentionally used” in violation of the Act may in a civil action recover from the entity which engaged in that violation (from the Complaint). (Updated 4/17/2018 2:00 PM)

Docket & Documents

Court: USDC IL N
Case # 1:18cv02120

Document List

NoCase NumberDocument NameUpdated/FiledGet PDFShare on FB
DocketCase # 1:18cv02120 Court Case Online04/16/2018View PDF
Sub 4Case # 1:18cv02120 Notice of Mandatory Initial Discovery03/23/2018View PDF
Sub 1Case # 1:18cv02120 Class Action Complaint03/22/2018View PDF

2. Case 3:17-cv-04419 Rushing et al v The Walt Disney Company (USDC CA N) Filed 8/3/2017

The Walt Disney Company sued with a proposed class action suit, alleging that the company violates privacy law by surreptitiously collecting children’s personal information while they play mobile games, and sharing that data with advertising networks who use the data for targeted ad placement.  (Law360)  (Updated 04/17/2018 12:00 pm)

Docket & Documents

Court: USDC CA N
Case # 3:17-cv-04419

Document List

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DocketCase # 3:17-cv-04419Case Detail Report (Reassigned, case # changed)04/17/2018View PDF
82Case # 3:17-cv-04419Motion Hearing04/06/2018View PDF
79Case # 3:17-cv-04419Notice of Change of Counsel03/02/2018View PDF
77Case # 3:17-cv-04419Minutes11/15/2017View PDF
70Case # 3:17-cv-04419Notice of Need for ADR Conference10/19/2017View PDF
66Case # 3:17-cv-04419Certificate of Interested Entities10/19/2017View PDF
64Case # 3:17-cv-04419Certificate of Interested Parties10/17/2017View PDF
62Case # 3:17-cv-04419Certificate of Interested Parties10/11/2017View PDF
61Case # 3:17-cv-04419Stipulation to extend time to respond09/29/2017View PDF
57Case # 3:17-cv-04419Certification of Interested Entities09/15/2017View PDF
50Case # 3:17-cv-04419Reassignment Order setting Case Management Conference09/13/2017View PDF
46Case # 3:17-cv-04419Notice of Eligibility08/30/2017View PDF
45Case # 3:17-cv-04419Order Relating Case08/29/2017View PDF
20Case # 3:17-cv-04419Order re Discovery08/17/2017View PDF
15Case # 3:17-cv-04419Declination08/14/2017View PDF
1Case # 3:17-cv-04419Complaint08/03/2017View PDF

3. Case 1:17-mj-07120 USA v James Gatto, Merl Code, Christian Dawkins, Jonathan Brad Augustine & Munish Sood (USDC NY S) Filed 9/25/2017

Federal prosecutors file criminal charges against 10 coaches, managers, financial advisers and representatives of Adidas AG and other sportswear companies, accusing them of making illicit payments to cash in on the money generated by college basketball programs. This is one of the several Federal Criminal cases filed.  Updated 04/17/2018 1:00 PM)

Docket & Documents

Court: USDC NY S
Case # 1:17-mj-07120

Document List

NoCase NumberDocument NameUpdated/FiledGet PDFShare on FB
DocketCase # 1:17-mj-07120 Case Detail Report04/17/2018View PDF
64Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Affirmation in Support (of continuation)04/11/2018View PDF
63Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Endorsed Letter04/04/2018View PDF
45Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Letter12/4/2017View PDF
38Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Order of Continuance10/26/2017View PDF
27Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Agreement to Forfeit Property as to Merl Code10/10/2017View PDF
26Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Initial Appearance of Merl Code10/10/2017View PDF
24Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Order Setting Conditions of Release re James Gatto10/12/2017View PDF
21Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Notice of Appearnce10/10/2017View PDF
20Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Endorsed Letter10/04/2017View PDF
19Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Endorsed Letter10/02/2017View PDF
17Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Documents Received10/02/2017View PDF
5Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Order to unseal09/25/2017View PDF
1Case # 1:17-mj-07120 Complaint09/25/2017View PDF
1 (related case)Case # 1:17-mj-071119Complaint09/25/2017View PDF
1 (related case)Case # 1:17-mj-07118 Complaint09/25/2017View PDF

4. Case 2:17-cv-01510 State of Washington vs Trump et al (USDC WA W) Filed 10/9/2017

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson charges Trump with discrimination against women, challenging new rules that illegally jeopardize women’s health and economic success in order to promote certain religious and moral views. NOTE:  This case has been stayed pending resolution of APPEALS of California et al v Hargan et al and Pennsylvania v Trump et al – as long as the 12/21/17 and 12/15/17 injunctions are in effect. (Updated 04/17/2018 1:15 PM)

Docket & Documents

Court: USDC WA W
Case # 2:17-cv-01510

Document List

NoCase NumberDocument NameUpdated/FiledGet PDFShare on FB
DocketCase # 2:17-cv-01510Case Detail Report04/17/2018View PDF
52Case # 2:17-cv-01510Order to Stay Proceeding01/19/2018View PDF
50Case # 2:17-cv-01510Plaintiff reply in support of motion to stay proceeding01/05/2018View PDF
13Case # 2:17-cv-01510Defendants motion for protective order & to stay discovery12/7/2017View PDF
12Case # 2:17-cv-01510Order on motion to file excess pages12/6/2017View PDF
8Case # 2:17-cv-01510Order regarding disclosures, joint status, early settlement10/31/2017View PDF
7Case # 2:17-cv-01510Order regarding Discovery & Depos10/31/2017View PDF
1Case # 2:17-cv-01510Complaint10/09/2017View PDF

5. Case 2:17-cv-10721 Singleton et al v Cannizzaro et al (USDC LA E) Filed 10/17/2017

This lawsuit seeks to end the unconstitutional deception and jailing of crime victims and witnesses by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. The lawsuit details District Attorney Cannizzaro’s illegal scheme of fabricating subpoenas to coerce crime victims and witnesses of crimes into submitting to interrogations, and presenting fraudulent information in court to persuade judges to issue arrest warrants. (from The Prosecutor Project, Civil Rights Corps) (Updated 12/08/2017 1:15 PM)

Docket & Documents

Court: USDC LA E
Case # 2:17-cv-10721

Document List

NoCase NumberDocument NameUpdated/FiledGet PDFShare on FB
DocketCase # 2:17-cv-10721CDR12/8/17View PDF
85Case # 2:17-cv-10721Motion for leave to file Amici Curiae brief04/12/2018View PDF
70Case # 2:17-cv-10721Order to hear oral arguments04/10/2018View PDF
36Case # 2:17-cv-10721Order for extension12/06/2017View PDF
16Case # 2:17-cv-10721Motion for reconsideration10/30/2017View PDF
14Case # 2:17-cv-10721Motion for leave to file documents10/26/2017View PDF
13Case # 2:17-cv-10721Order10/26/2017View PDF
1Case # 2:17-cv-10721Complaint10/17/2017View PDF

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