10 Common Mistakes in Title Insurance

Have you ever wondered why getting title insurance is important when buying a home? Even though your new house might seem perfect, every property comes with a history that could cause problems down the road. Doing a title search can help find any issues linked to the ownership of your property. Plus, if you have title insurance, it can help protect you from these problems even after you’ve bought the house. Let’s take a look at some common issues that title insurance can help with:

  1. ERRORS IN PUBLIC RECORDS – Mistakes in public records Sometimes, people make mistakes when recording information about properties. These errors could affect important documents related to your home, like the deed or survey. Fixing these mistakes can be costly and stressful.
  2. UNKNOWN LEINS – Unpaid debts Previous owners might have debts that they didn’t pay off. Even if those debts aren’t yours, creditors can put liens on your property, which could cause problems for you, especially if you bought a distressed property.
  3. ILLEGAL DEEDS -Invalid deeds Even if the ownership of your property seems fine, there could be problems with previous deeds. For example, a deed might have been made by someone who wasn’t legally allowed to, like an undocumented immigrant or a minor. This could affect who really owns the property.
  4. MISSING HEIRS – Missing heirs When someone dies, their property usually goes to their heirs. But sometimes, those heirs can’t be found, or there might be disagreements among family members about who should inherit the property. These issues can affect your rights as the new owner.
  5. FORGERIES – Fake documents Unfortunately, there are people who create fake documents to try to claim ownership of a property. If these forgeries aren’t discovered, it could mean trouble for you as the rightful owner.
  6. UNDISCOVERED ENCUMBRANCES – Hidden claims Before you bought your home, you might not have known that someone else had a claim to it. This could be because of an old mortgage or other legal restrictions that weren’t obvious when you bought the property.
  7. UNKOWN EASEMENTS – Unknown rules Even though you own your home, there might be rules or agreements in place that limit how you can use it or who can access it. These rules, called easements, could affect your enjoyment of your property.
  8. SURVEY DISPUTES – Boundary disagreements Surveys of your property might show different boundaries than what you expected. This could lead to disputes with neighbors or other parties claiming part of your property.
  9. UNDISCOVERED WILL – Lost wills If the previous owner of your home died without leaving a will, the state might have sold their assets, including the house. But if a will is found later, it could challenge your ownership of the property.
  10. FALSE IMPERSONATION OF PREVIOUS OWNER – Impersonation Sometimes, people with similar names can pretend to be the rightful owner of a property. If you buy a home from someone who isn’t the real owner, it could put your ownership at risk.

To make sure you’re protected from these and other issues, it’s a good idea to get title insurance when you buy a home. This insurance can help safeguard your investment and give you peace of mind.


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