Homeowner’s Insurance Calamity in Florida


  • Homeowners in Florida are being dropped by insurance corporations
  • Count is up to 300,000 homeowners will be without coverage 38 days before the worst hurricane season to date
  • Citizens Property Insurance Company is doing its best to cover and spread coverages to other providers so Florida residence are not without coverage.

In Florida the average homeowner’s insurance totals $4,218 per year! This total is more than $1,400 above the national average of $2,777. This places more pressure on the insurer naturally. In Florida, hurricanes, and tropical storms, on top of already stacked inflation rates, have driven costs exponentially costs through the roof to above 70%.

Citizens has separated itself from other providers in Florida, even as a last resort, due to customers being dropped at random from other insurance companies, or incomprehensibly priced out. Citizens has also found a way to move policyholders into private insurers through its ‘depopulation program’. Citizens peaked at 1.4 million policies in Florida over 2023 and decreases by roughly 300,000 policies since September.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a non-profit created by the state of Florida in 2002 as a response to hurricanes and other natural disasters driving up the cost of homeowner’s insurance across the state. Even though Citizens is run comparatively to a private corporation, it has oversight from the governor, chief financial officer, attorney general and commissioner or agriculture in Florida.

Solid Insurance Company, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, Edison Insurance Company, Southern Oak Insurance Company, American Traditions Insurance Company, and People’s Trust Insurance Company have already received the green light from Citizens to take on their policies as reported by the Office of Insurance Regulations website in March 2024.


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