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Monday October 21, 2019

California Voters Might Soon Create a “Homeless Court”

A ballot initiative has been submitted in California with the goal of reclassifying certain crimes under […]

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Tuesday October 15, 2019

Virginia Executions Should Be Public, Lawsuit Says

Does a simple curtain constitute a violation of the freedom of the press? Prison policies in […]

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Wednesday October 2, 2019

New Product Enhancement: Search Status Signifiers

In order to better inform our customers of the progress and status of their name and […]

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Wednesday October 2, 2019

New Product Enhancement: Searching Your Saved Searches

The new Search field allows CourtTrax users to query existing Titles on Saved Searches. The Search […]

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Monday September 16, 2019

Thousands of North Carolina Court Documents to be Made Available Electronically

With the benefit of Federal Grant money, the State Archives of North Carolina will soon be […]

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Thursday September 12, 2019

Maryland Court Rules Marijuana Odor in Car Doesn’t Justify Searching a Person

The Maryland State Court of Appeals has ruled that police officers violated a man’s Fourth Amendment […]

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Tuesday September 10, 2019

Photoshopped Mugshot At Issue In Oregon Bank Robbery Case

Police in Oregon have come under fire for digitally removing a man’s facial tattoos from his […]

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Friday August 9, 2019

WA State Board of Judicial Administration Proposes Rule Revisions

The Washington State Board of Judicial Administration (BJA), via an Ad Hoc Committee, has submitted for […]

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Wednesday August 7, 2019

Pennsylvania ‘Clean Slate’ Law to Seal 30 Million Criminal Cases from Public View

The ‘Clean Slate’ law, passed in Pennsylvania in June of 2018, will see its first massive […]

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