Zeroing-In on King County’s Case Type ‘0’

CourtTrax has upgraded its services to now make available to our users the new ‘Case Type Zero’ from King County, Washington.

The transition to the new KCSCRIPT system in King County last year brought with it several changes to how the county files its cases, including the creation of the unique ‘Zero’ case type.

In Washington State, Superior Court case numbers are structured with a two-digit year, a one-digit case type code, five-digit case number, and a one or two-digit county code. For example, 18-2-12345-31 would be a 2018 Civil case filed in Snohomish County. Prior to the implementation of KCSCRIPT the case type codes ranged from 1-9 denoting the general case types of Criminal (1), Civil (2), Domestic (3), Probate (4), and so on.

But KCSCIPT created a new ‘0’ case type code that is used in no other Washington State Superior Court. The Zero case type was created to be King County’s catch-all for several miscellaneous causes of action that do not fit cleanly into any of the other case type categories as determined by King County. The causes of action included under the Zero category are:

  • General Order Allowing Access/Removal of Court files
  • General Admin Policy Orders/Juror Selection
  • General Order Offender
  • Oath of Arbitrators
  • Denied Fee Waivers
  • Order to Destroy Exhibit/Deposition
  • WSBA Judgment against Atty/ Disciplinary Action
  • Land Title Registration
  • Material Witness Warrant
  • Notice of Detention
  • Oath/Order Appointing Court Commissioner Pro Tem
  • Public Defender Certifications
  • Report
  • Search Warrants
  • Sealed Will Repository
  • Waivers/ Orders/ Court Minutes/ Extradition
  • Offender Immediate Release Orders

(NOTE: As the court does not index Search Warrants using Party Names, Search Warrants may only be acquired by performing a Case Number search.)

Zero-type cases for King County can now be found in CourtTrax searches just as any other case number in King County, and name search results will also now include Zero-type case results when applicable.

If you have any questions about access to King County court records and document images, Washington State court records, or would like more information about any of our other products and services, contact us at or give us a call: 866-643-7084 (Option 2).

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