Washington State’s Spokane & Clark Counties Moving to Odyssey in November

The latest and likely final pair of Washington State counties to transition their court records management to the Odyssey System is coming later this fall.

Of the 39 counties in Washington State, only four have not yet made the transition to Odyssey from the state’s legacy system, SCOMIS: King, Pierce, Clark, and Spokane. Pierce County has maintained their own system for several years, known as LINX, and King County is in the process of building their own independent system using the Journal Technologies platform. After long deliberations, both Spokane County and Clark County have elected to move to Odyssey rather than establishing their own platforms.

Court record updates to SCOMIS from Spokane and Clark are scheduled to go dark on October 31st, and will be back online with the Odyssey System on November 4th.

Providing all of the Information available
As with the previous transitions of county data, CourtTrax will have its unique “hybrid case report” available to its customers.

When a Superior Court’s data makes the move from SCOMIS to the Odyssey system, both legacy cases and newly filed cases are still housed within both systems. As a result of how the courts have handled this data replication process, there are often disparities between what information is available on Odyssey vs. SCOMIS, and vice versa.

In response to this, CourtTrax has devised a unique “hybrid” case report for those counties which have moved to Odyssey. The hybrid report collects all case data from both the SCOMIS legacy system, and the new Odyssey system for any given case, and then presents each section of data delineated by its source system. In this way we ensure that our customers have the most complete picture of a case’s available information, unless or until the Washington AOC resolves the errors in data duplication.

For more information on the Washington State courts, the hybrid case report, or if you have any other comments or questions, please contact us at 866-643-7084 or customerservice@courttrax.com

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