The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts has published an announcement regarding changes in data availability regarding participant address information and the dates of birth for minors:

“Because the case management systems cannot determine if the addresses entered into the systems are from a confidential information form, the dissemination or access to addresses will be prohibited for JIS LINK level 1 users unless the request or report falls under the exemptions provided in the Policy.  See Section III.G.1.e-f, h, and G.2 of the new Data Dissemination Policy.

Also, dissemination or access to dates of birth of minor children contained in the case management systems will also be prohibited. See Section III.G.1.d, and G.2 of the new Data Dissemination Policy.”

These changes in the availability of address information and minor birth dates will apply to all Washington State systems: SCOMIS, JIS-LINK, and Odyssey courts.

As a result of these changes, case report information provided by CourtTrax will be similarly affected in compliance with the new rules.

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