Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a lawsuit against Richard Hosang, a former stock broker with known connections with the mafia, regarding a series of websites that falsely associate themselves with legitimate charitable organizations.

From The Office of the Washington State Attorney General:

“Hosang created six nonprofit entities in Washington: American Cancer Society of Seattle, American Cancer Society of Washington, American Red Cross of Seattle, American Red Cross of Washington, United Way of Seattle and United Way of Washington. None of these nonprofits are related to the legitimate, charitable organizations with the same or similar names.

Ferguson’s investigators appear to have uncovered the sham nonprofits before any Washingtonians donated to the organizations.

“I’m deeply concerned that a convicted money launderer created these sham nonprofits using the names of legitimate, internationally recognized organizations,” said Ferguson.”

On the chance that you or someone you know donated to one of the fake non-profits, contact the Washington State Attorney General’s Office here.

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