The Washington State Board of Judicial Administration (BJA), via an Ad Hoc Committee, has submitted for review and comment several proposals for changes and revisions to the BJA rules and bylaws in order to reflect current practices, provide clarification or simplify language, and to move items to the document that makes the most sense.”

In summary, the proposals include:

  • Terms of office and membership are commonly defined in rules by other committees and should be defined in the BJAR.
  • Information was added or deleted from the BJAR to conform with the BJA Bylaws.
  • Redundant information was removed. Information in the BJAR was moved under a different rule where appropriate.
  • Information was moved to the BJA Bylaws where appropriate.
  • A section was added to the BJAR authorizing the BJA membership to develop, adopt, and amend bylaws by a majority vote.
  • Language in the BJAR was updated to reflect current practice.
  • The language in the BJAR was clarified and simplified.

A detailed copy of the BJA’s rules and bylaws with the proposed changes included can be found HERE. Comments on the proposed changes by the public must be received by September 30th, 2019. Information on where and how comments may be submitted can be found HERE.

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