A recent webinar on resuming court operations post-lockdown and amid the Coronavirus pandemic attracted 3,200 officials from state, federal, and international courts, all seeking guidance on how to move forward in a changed world.

From the National Center for State Courts (NCSC):

“At this point, there are more questions than answers, but it’s clear to court leaders that the pandemic will lead to changes—some known and some unknown.

“The court of yesterday is not going to be the court of the future,” said webinar moderator Corey Steel, Nebraska’s state court administrator and a member of CCJ/COSCA’s Rapid Response Team. “This (resuming normal court operations) comes with caveats. This must be done slowly, and this must be done when conditions permit . . . with the understanding that courts resuming operations is not the same as economies reopening.”

During the webinar, three topics surfaced more than others:

  • Screening the public
  • Resuming jury trials
  • Collaborating with local health officials “

For more information on the webinar and how state and local courts are being advised on resuming operations during the Coronavirus Pandemic, visit the NCSC’s article on the webinar HERE.

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