New to CourtTrax: Galveston County, TX!

CourtTrax Corporation is pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to now include electronic access to the District, County, Probate and Justice Courts in Galveston County, Texas!

Serving a population of over 300,000 people, the Galveston Courts makes publicly available Civil, Criminal, Family, Probate and Tax case records. CourtTrax will provide access to all data available from the Galveston District, County, Probate, and Justice Courts.

Additionally, electronic case documents made available by the court will also be accessible on CourtTrax. Just click the “Download Electronic Documents” tab for a list of those documents. Where electronic documents are not provided by the court, click the “Order Manual Documents” tab to request a document from our court runner services.

And as with all other CourtTrax Courts, case detail reports remain in a user’s “Saved Searches” on the CourtTrax desktop for 60 days.  Results can be saved to your local drive and will not expire.

If you have any questions about the Galveston County courts, the other available courts in the State of Texas,  or would like to know anything else about our other products and services, please contact us at 866-643-7084 or

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