New Product Enhancement: Searching Your Saved Searches

The new Search field allows CourtTrax users to query existing Titles on Saved Searches. The Search field is displayed at the bottom of Saved Searches located in Saved Searches>My Searches.

Filtered Search

CourtTrax users are now able to use different characters to filter an existing Title on Saved Searches.

Search Requirement

When searching for an existing Title in Saved Searches, two or more characters are required in the Search Field or the search will be rejected:


Searching an Edited Title

When a Title is edited in Saved Searches, users are able to search that Title using the edited Title name as well as the original Title name.

For Example:

  • “Perez, Juanita – WA Superior King County” Title was edited to only three characters: “ZZ1.”
  • The user would thus be able to use the original Title name of “Perez” or “Juanita” or “Perez, Juanita to search for the “ZZ1.”


Using Two Character Searches Including Edits

When searching with only two characters such as “KI,” your searches will return all searches that included the letters “KI” in the Title. For example, searches done in “WA Superior King County” would return, including edited Titles, since the search originated in “King.”

Searching in Shared Searches

Users are also able to use the Search Feature in Shared Searches. The Search field is also located at the bottom of Shared Searches in Saved Searches>Shared Searches.

Once a search is shared from Saved Searches to Shared Searches, the searching convention used in Saved Searches will also apply in Shared Searches. The only exception is the following:

  • Titles in Shared Searches cannot be edited.

Searching for documents

Enter the word “document” in the search field will return all documents that have been downloaded successfully or unsuccessfully.  This is a useful tool to find documents that has been downloaded in My Searches and documents that have been made available in Shared Searches.

Ideas? Questions?
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