In order to better inform our customers of the progress and status of their name and case number searches using CourtTrax, we have added some simple color-coded signifiers to indicate what is happening with a search.

The Search – Status column on the Saved Searches panel now indicates by color the result of a search. Once a search has completed, the Status column will display a Green or Yellow check mark for a successful or partially successful result of a search, or a Red minus sign for a failed result:

  • Green – Completed Successfully
  • Yellow – Completed Partially
  • Red – Failed


  • Green Status – Successful searches displays even if Electronic Documents failed to be retrieved.
  • Yellow Status – displays when only partial information were retrieved. For example, some searches may include retrieving data from two different hosts and may not be able to retrieve data from one host successfully but successfully retrieve data from the other host.
  • Red Status – Failed search.

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