Major Changes Coming to Washington’s King County District Court

Beginning in late October, the King County District Court will be transitioning away from the JIS-Link System into it’s own, independently operated case management system. The details of how this transition will be implemented, how the new system will operate, and when the project will be completed are all very nebulous at present. What follows is a portion of the official notice from the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts on the matter:

“King County District Court (KCDC) and King County Clerk’s Office (KCCO) are
implementing independent local case management and docketing systems, which will not
be part of JIS. Implementation is scheduled to begin in late October 2017 and will
continue in phases. The first phase will move KCDC non-well identified party civil and
small claims cases into King County’s new local court case management system. During
this transition, these King County cases will not be updated in JIS, and upon full
implementation of the first phase, all KCDC non-well identified party civil cases will be
removed from JIS. Short-term access to these cases will need to be made through
KCDC. The KCDC contact for records requests is:
KCDC and KCCO will manage their data in the new systems once implementation is

Both courts anticipate full implementation of their new case management and
docketing systems to occur during the summer of 2018.”

We are in close communication with the Washington AOC to get as much information on this project and how it will impact the continuity of CourtTrax services for the King County District Court going forward. As new information is made available we will post updates to News/Insights when applicable.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the KCDC systems transition or in regards to any of our other services, please contact us at 866-643-7084 or

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