King County, WA Superior Court Filing Delays Now Accounted For In CourtTrax

Since the transition from the legacy SCOMIS system to the new County-based KCSCRIPT system, there has been an observable disconnect between when document images for a newly filed case are available in the county’s ECR system, and when the actual data on the case is viewable by the public on KCSCRIPT. Oftentimes document images for a case will appear on ECR up to five days before the case can data be viewed on KCSCRIPT.

Previously, if a newly filed case was not found in KCSCRIPT the result of the search to the user on CourtTrax was “Case Not Found,”  even if the case’s document images were already present on ECR Online. CourtTrax Online clients would then contact CourtTrax Customer service who would check the ECR system for any documents.

To better aid our clients – since we are now aware of this extended filing delay – CourtTrax has added an enhancement that will check the King County ECR system for electronic documents for newly filed cases that are “not found” on KCSCRIPT, and return the results of that query to the user.  In such instances he case details will not be available and that will be noted on the results. But the electronic documents will populate the “Download Electronic Documents” tab and will be available as usual by clicking the checkboxes of the desired documents and then pressing the Order Documents button.  Since a “no record” result is charged for, this new service won’t add any additional charge, unless electronic documents are ordered.

When conducting a search for a case in King County, where document images are available but case data has not yet been published to KCSCRIPT, users will arrive at a case detail report with the “Download Electronic Documents” tab populated as usual, along with a note explaining the absence of the associated case data from KCSCRIPT. In this way, searches in King County Superior Court will always provide the latest information made available to the public, no matter which system has it first.

If you have any questions about access to King County court records and document images, Washington State court records, or would like more information about any of our other products and services, contact us at or give us a call: 866-643-7084 (Option 2).

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