King County Superior Court System Transition – Coming Soon!

The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has undertaken the task of moving the various county courts off of the old SCOMIS system and onto a more modern platform for case management. Many counties have elected to adopt the Odyssey system offered by the AOC. But one of the counties that elected not to go with Odyssey is King County. Consequently, they have decided to employ Journal Technologies to build their very own platform for case information access.

This new system is slated to go live to the public sometime in 2018

But along with this transition also comes many questions, many of which we have posed to the court. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. The King County Electronic Court Records (ECR) System is not going anywhere. The new Journal Technologies system will not offer document imaging. Case data and document images will remain on different systems just as they are now.
  2. There will be a new ‘Zero’ case type, i.e. 18-0-12345-6. This case classification will be used as a catch-all for several miscellaneous case types that have been previously (and sometimes awkwardly) included amid other foundational case types like Civil (2), Domestic (3) and Probate (4). The specific case types that will fall under this new classification have yet to be announced.
  3. Like the Odyssey system employed by many of the other Washington State counties, the Judgment case type 9 classification will be going away, with all Judgment data merged into the originating case record.
  4. Unlike the Odyssey system, King County case numbers will be retaining the single, algorithm-generated check-digit at the end of case numbers, rather than employing the two-digit county code number.

CourtTrax has opened a dialogue with the court to act as beta testers of the new system ahead of its public release. In this way we will not only be able to give feedback to the court regarding the kinds and quality of the data our customers require, but this will also give CourtTrax valuable insight into how to best integrate the new King County system into our products and services.

Things are moving very quickly regarding this project, and there will certainly be more information to relay in the coming months. As we know more, so will you!

If you have any questions about the new King County Superior Court system that you would like us to pose to the court, you can contact us at or give us a call: 866-643-7084 (Option 2).

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