Internet Explorer Users: Important Information Regarding CourtTrax

As a web-based service provider, we are very attentive to how CourtTrax operates with the most popular web browsers. However, when a certain brand or version of a web browser ceases to be supported or updated by its creator, the evolution of our product can quickly outpace the capacity of this older software. Such is the case with Internet Explorer (IE) version 10 or earlier.

IE 10 and earlier versions of IE are no longer supported by Microsoft, and consequently access issues in using CourtTrax with these older versions of IE have been increasing over time. Further details on Microsoft’s ending support for IE 10 can be found here:

If you are using IE 10 or earlier to access CourtTrax, you may run into problems. If you encounter issues changing courts or performing other tasks on CourtTrax and you are using IE 10 or earlier, we recommend that you either upgrade to IE 11 or change your browser to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

We are still in the process of performing testing of Microsoft Edge. While we expect that most CourtTrax features work as expected, we have had scattered reports of issues while using Edge to access CourtTrax that we are still in the process of investigating. Therefore, we are advising customers to not use Edge at this time.

Our customers experience and ease-of-use with CourtTrax is very important to us.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or any of our other services, please contact us at 866-643-7084 or

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