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NOTICE -Newly Released Odyssey Courts have Incomplete case information for Washington Superior Court case reports.

Complete case information is now available in CourtTrax’s Hybrid Washington Superior Court Case Detail Report.

In March of 2016, the Washington State AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) notified SCOMIS/JISLink (SCOMIS) subscribers that there was “Possible Incomplete JIS Data from Odyssey Courts” being displayed and possible delays uploading Odyssey information into SCOMIS. CourtTrax immediately notified our clients and offered free Odyssey court searching in those affected counties while the AOC/Odyssey sorted out these issues.

More recently CourtTrax obtained confirmation that Odyssey is now considered the Court of Record for the counties that have completed the transition to this new system. CourtTrax has identified multiple instances where case information does not match between Odyssey and SCOMIS. There are significant issues with the Odyssey data: you can read our full detailed report, by following this link: Read the Full Hybrid Report article. This report is prepared for CourtTrax’s Customers only, so please do not distribute this report outside of your company.

Because of these discrepancies, CourtTrax created a comprehensive Hybrid Report for our customers that combines information from both the old and new systems to show all the case data, and to clearly identify the source of the case information. Further, the CourtTrax Hybrid Report allows CourtTrax Online users to customize their reports and control what is displayed, printed or saved.


[highlight]CourtTrax created our Hybrid Report to combine court information from the old and the new systems.[/highlight]

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The purpose of the new CourtTrax Case Detail Report (CDR) is to combine case information from both the SCOMIS and Odyssey systems into a single, complete report. CourtTrax anticipates the need for SCOMIS data will diminish as Odyssey becomes more complete.

At the top of a CourtTrax Case Detail Report for a county that has transitioned to Odyssey, CourtTrax added a “Data Source” line listing both Odyssey and SCOMIS.


Closing Odyssey will close the Odyssey portion of sections with both data sources. This will not close sections with Odyssey as the only data source. The section links just below “Data Source” will allow that function as they have in the past. However:

  • There are data limitations in the Odyssey system that may never be corrected, and
  • There are sections of the CourtTrax CDR that will no longer exist. Follow this link to read the full CourtTrax article: Read CourtTrax’s Full Report



This Transition will take two years to complete.
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Washington AOC has chosen to keep SCOMIS active and accessible until all counties that have opted-in are transitioned to Odyssey. King and Pierce counties have opted out of converting to the Odyssey system. This dual court record information system will be in effect until all participating courts have transitioned to Odyssey or an alternative records system.

Please e-mail us at or call us at 425-643-7077 ext. 2 for additional information.

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