With the latest update to the CourtTrax user interface, none of the changes have thus far generated more questions than the removal of the Map to navigate to different courts and jurisdictions.

The Map for any particular State or for the Federal Courts is both a graphic, as well as an interactive widget on the form. While some of our customers found the map to be a convenient way to select their courts of interest, most of our users report that they prefer to simply select their court of interest from the drop-down ‘Courts’ menu. Our web form also loads more quickly without the map ‘overhead’.

So in order to ensure our customers are able to most efficiently utilize CourtTrax, we removed the Map and only the ‘Courts’ drop-down menu at the top of the UI is now available. This decreases load and refresh time for our customers while still allowing them to easily switch between the different Courts available online.

Questions? Comments?
If you have any questions about the CourtTrax suite of products, or have any suggestions on how we can better enhance your experience using CourtTrax, contact us at customerservice@courttrax.com or give us a call: 866-643-7084 (Option 2).