CourtTrax and Clio Enter Into Partnership

CourtTrax integrates the latest court filings with Clio client matters – allowing for automated case and name searches, and alerts. Firms can conduct business development, customer retention, due diligence, and case management functions all through one platform.

This Clio / CourtTrax integration creates a 360 degree legal tool; allowing for better client screening, case preparation, use of resources, due diligence compliance, with results seamlessly appearing in your legal practice management.

Assess an opposing party’s litigation background as you prepare for trial with
Courttrax Name Search Service.
Use CourtTrax Name Search Service as a due diligence tool to research a prospective client’s litigation history.
Courttrax Name Alert Service allows firms to set up automatic notifications, alerting them each time a prospective client becomes involved in any type of litigation.
Research court dockets and documents in relevant cases with Case Number Search and Document Retrieval Services.
Courttrax Case Watch alerts a firm’s lawyers and docketing department each time there is new activity in a case.
This is just one of many useful apps that Clio integrates with—sign up for a free trial and see how much more efficient it can make your legal practice today.

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