Congress Moving Forward on Data Privacy

In a significant step forward yesterday, members of Congress released The American Data Privacy and Protection Act as a Discussion Draft. The act would set nationwide standards to protect consumer data privacy and security. It would provide a means for consumers to ‘Opt-Out’ of high-tech targeted ads, ads that are generated from the sale of personal data that is collected without a person’s knowledge or consent. And of significance, the act also provides consumers with the ability to sue internet companies that illegally sell consumer personal data.

While this is the first draft of what will become highly politicized legislation, it is a major step forward for consumer data privacy.

You can click Here to view the Draft Document.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee released the draft. Multiple members of Congress have already pointed to issues and shortcomings with the draft, focusing on a need to go farther to protect consumer interests.

ALTA – the American Land Title Association, noted in its review of the draft act that’.. Transportation Chairwoman Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) expressed concern about the agreement and said any data privacy law needs to be robust and comprehensive and should “protect consumers’ personal data with a clear requirement that companies are accountable for the use of that data and must act in consumers’ best interests.”

You can view the ALTA article Here.

Hopefully Congress can find middle ground on Consumer Data Privacy and pass legislation to protect Consumers and Business alike.

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