Coming Soon: The Next Round of Washington State Courts Transitioning to the Odyssey System

The sixth phase of the transition of the Washington State Superior Courts data to the new Odyssey system continues on Monday, October 30th as seven more Superior Courts make the move. They are:

– Clallam

– Island

– Jefferson

– Kitsap

– San Juan

– Skagit

– Whatcom.

That will bring the total number of Odyssey counties to 23. Ahead of the transition, all current and new Odyssey Superior Courts will be unavailable online from Noon PST Friday, 10/27/17 thru 8am PST 10/29/17

As with the previous transitions of county data, CourtTrax will have its unique “hybrid case report” available to its customers.

When a Superior Court’s data makes the move to the Odyssey system, both legacy cases and newly filed cases are still housed within both systems until such time as all of the participating Superior courts make the switch. As a result of how the courts have handled this data replication process, there are often disparities between what information is available on Odyssey vs. SCOMIS, and vice versa.

In response to this, CourtTrax has devised a unique “hybrid” case report for those counties which have moved to Odyssey. The hybrid report combines all case data from both the SCOMIS legacy system, and the new Odyssey system for any given case. By this we ensure our customers have the most complete picture of a case’s available information, unless or until the Washington AOC resolves the errors in data duplication.

For more information on the Odyssey transition schedule, the hybrid case report, or if you have any other comments or questions, please contact us at 866-643-7084 or

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