Adventures In California Document Retrieval!

Oftentimes, the manual retrieval of court documents can be a bit like a treasure hunt. Each courthouse is different: different rules, different policies, different staffers who are the ones you need to talk to in order to locate a case file from seven years ago. And in California, it is no different. And to a certain extent, even more of a challenge.

Take the Los Angeles Superior Court for example; the largest single unified trial court system in the United States with 38 different court houses. Not too long ago there were 47 court houses, but several have recently been closed. And in Los Angeles County, Superior Court case numbers contain a code indicating the specific courthouse wherein that case was originally filed. But if the courthouse in question no longer exists, and the files have been moved elsewhere, how do you know in which of the remaining 38 courthouses to look for it?

That’s where having people on the ground that know the ins and outs of their local court system really pays off when it comes to such complexities. The clerks of the California Superior Courts are nearly always overworked and understaffed; navigating these obstacles while still getting the job done is an art for our court runners.

So if there are copies of court documents that you need recovered from the treacherous realm that can be the California Court System, and that are not available online, CourtTrax has the answer. Simply order your documents from our Case Detail Report and we will send our Court Runner to the court to retrieve the documents and send them to you in PDF attached to an email.

If you have any questions regarding our court runner services in California, or anywhere else in the United States, contact us at or give us a call: 866-643-7084 (Option 3).


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