“The search feature in CourtTrax is really impressive. I can make one request and get all the associated data that goes with the case; all the docket entries, judgment, financial information. Before, I was keying in a request for each one; waiting for the page to refresh, and then printing each one. Now I just have one search and it’s done. They get high marks as they save me so much time and every feature is just wonderful. It’s really simplified and streamlined my workflow.” Deborah N.
Chief Title Officer
Chicago Title
Portland, OR

“I use online court docket-search-and-retrieval tools on a daily basis. From many years of experience with the product, I can say that CourtTrax is one of the best. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The pricing is competitive. CourtTrax customer-support personnel are outstanding — they know their product intimately and they’re highly service-oriented. CourtTrax compliments its online search-platform with an efficient, cost-effective runner-service. We often use their document-retrieval service to obtain state court filings that are unavailable through their online portal. In a market dominated by much larger competitors, CourtTrax really delivers.”
Warner M.
Firmwide Manager of Reference and Research Services
K&L Gates
Seattle, WA

“Above everything else their customer service is fantastic. The CourtTrax application is really laid out well. It is easy to navigate and very intuitive. I can log on to their site, select a court and set up a name search or case number search in a matter of seconds with just a few mouse clicks. Everything on their application is “point and click”. It’s simple and fast. The way their docket is formatted makes it really easy to read. I think providing the ability to order documents from the docket is a key element of their success.”
Barbara Northrup
Barbara N.
Title Officer
Major West Coast Title Company
Los Angeles, CA

“The CourtTrax implementation process has been very good. When they began working with us, their team inherited some fairly, what I would consider to be, sticky problems. They handled those matters extremely well. I think CourtTrax personnel are extremely responsive, quick to identify issues, and quick to resolve them positively. I am quite pleased with the way the implementation of CourtTrax service has been managed, and with the work they are doing today.”

Alan B.
Oregon Tri-County Title Association
Portland, OR

“CourtTrax has been very customer friendly. They tailored a program to meet our needs. Instead of us having to say ‘okay, we’ll take choice A, B, or C, they truly developed a program for us. And they have been responsive. They didn’t over-promise. They told us where we were and what was going on, and they have been very accountable. I would say overall, they’ve demonstrated good service, good communication, and have been very flexible.”
Shawna M.
Vice President of Operations
First American Title – Oregon
Portland, OR

“CourtTrax is superb at letting their clients know what is going on… they are just excellent. They have worked for me on some complicated court retrieval assignments. Their follow up and their focus on keeping me up to date on what was going on with their runner, making sure things were happening on a timely basis, was excellent. I knew I didn’t have to worry about it because CourtTrax was worrying about it for me.”
Connelly J.
Law Librarian
Davis Wright Tremaine
Seattle, WA

“Their service level is consistently high. For example, yesterday I emailed them about a docket I was having trouble pulling up. Their customer service manager got back to me and said she was already manually transferring information from the state system over to something she could send me. It looked like it was going to be about 150 pages. So she had spent a lot of time on just one docket for me, which I really appreciate. I think that is representative of the value they place on customer service. I have only positive things to say about CourtTrax. I find it easy to use. I find the pricing to be fair. And I think their customer service is outstanding.”
Laurie D.
Portland, OR

“CourtTrax is easy to use. I use the searching function. It works great. It’s fast! It’s really convenient. It’s rarely down. Rarely, rarely, rarely do we ever have connection problems. I love how it’s organized. I have so few occasions where I need help. Those times are few and far between. I think CourtTrax is great.”
Roberta R.
Chief Title Officer
WFG National Title Company
Bellevue, WA

“My experience with CourtTrax has been great.  I like the fact I can order documents directly from the docket.  Their customer service department is in constant contact with you if there is an issue with your document retrieval order. If a document is unavailable because it is sealed or with the judge, they are always quick to notify me. And their User Interface is friendly, clean and easy to use.”
Patricia R.
Title Examiner
Fidelity – Portland Title Group
Portland, OR

“I really appreciate how easy to use their search template is. I’m a more experienced user but I have many people in my firm who are not. The CourtTrax interface is very straightforward for users who only search for court proceedings occasionally. They don’t have to relearn how to do a search each time they log on.” Crystal N.
Director, Library Services
Riddell Williams
Seattle, WA

“We recently made the changeover to CourtTrax. During that process their leadership team has been very thorough and conscientious. Their vice president of sales was personally involved in showing us the value, and what CourtTrax could do. I think they did a very good job at presenting the case. Then as CourtTrax was implemented, they understood that there would be growing pains, and they have stayed on top of those issues. They have actively solicited our feedback, and clearly want to make sure the process works and that the customer is happy. That is what I appreciated most about CourtTrax.”
Noah B.
Division President
Stewart Title
Portland, OR