Name Searching

  • Conduct nationwide name searches in federal civil, criminal or bankruptcy court in seconds.
  • Conduct state court multi-county or statewide name searches in seconds.
  • Conduct due diligence on plaintiffs who have been involved in previous litigation against insurance companies, or in other civil or criminal litigation.
  • Review all name variations of policy holders or plaintiffs involved in current or previous litigation to ensure you do not miss any relevant cases in their litigation history.

Name Alerts

  • Be alerted if an insured becomes involved in any civil or criminal litigation during the claim process.
  • Be alerted each time a key policy holder becomes involved in any litigation.
  • Be informed if any judgments have been filed against claimants or plaintiffs and liens placed on their property.
  • Be alerted if claimant or plaintiff files for divorce during title process.
  • Be notified if the property owner or plaintiff files for bankruptcy.

Case Number Searching

  • Determine if cases involving a claimant or plaintiff are open or closed.
  • Determine the status of any open cases.
  • Search cases to determine if associated judgments are satisfied or unsatisfied.
  • Determine if financial obligations to the state have been satisfied.
  • Search for federal or state tax liens.

Case Watch

  • Get an email notification each time there is new activity in any open cases involving the claimant or plaintiff.

Document Retrieval

  • Order copies of any actual physical documents associated with cases of interest.

Data Integration

  • Create an automated end-to-end court record search process.
  • Easily configurable and machine –executable URL based query string.
  • Transactions are encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology to ensure security.
  • Client scheduled real-time or batch records retrieval.