Simplify direct linkage to Your system via I-Tap

If you need high-volume of court information, your applications and data bases can automatically and efficiently search, retrieve, and integrate Court Data real-time data via CourtTrax.

To meet your specific business needs, you are free to use, store, display, or integrate data that you receive from us with your other business process data. We offer a variety of retrieval options, including both fully sematic XML data and XHTML renderings of the data. You can choose the integration process that best meets your needs for end-to-end automated search.


CourtTrax I-Tap, (Integrated Transaction Automation Process), offers you a clearly defined programming and data interface, employing XML data transmitted over HTTP. With I-Tap your systems can interface directly with our proven court search functionality.

I-Tap meets precise specifications for court records retrieval. The query URL specifies the search space — the target courts, the type of search, and the case type — while any additional specific parameters such as identifying personal characteristics when searching for a person are supplied in the input document.