Get scheduled updates with Bulk Data Feeding

When you need every case filed within a specific jurisdiction in the past, as well as scheduled updates going forward, then you need Bulk Data Feeding. Our Bulk Data Feeding services are more inclusive than Court Work — we go to the host court and collect information about every case filed over a specified time range, such as overnight or over past 20 years.

We collect all the cases that meet your specifications, then build batch files of the data. After we deliver this bulk data to you for your initial database load, we set up a regularly scheduled update service to keep your databases current.

When the courts close, we go to work. Every night we go on-line and look up thousands of new cases filed earlier that day in a number of courts. We record specific information for specific cases and send the information to our customers. We collect case information overnight and deliver it to CourtTrax clients the next morning.

Processes & Technologies You can Rely On


Data Flow


When courts close, CourtTrax is still at work, gathering data you need.